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Netherlands is like the Leonardo DiCaprio of the World Cup.

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"Houdoe en bedankt!"Ancient dutch proverb

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Ravenclaw Stannis clinging to an intellectual ideal that is impossible in reality, both being aware that it’s impossible and refusing to bend because if the intellectual ideal can be described then why can it not be realised?

Gryffindor Robert who…

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i am that person who constantly jiggles their leg i’m s orry

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imagine harry being harry and saying something sassy to ron and hermione but they don’t find it funny

then three tables across the gryffindor’s, they hear draco laugh

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not but honestly, i need that biography Dumbledore’s Army: The Dark Side of the Demob 

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  • rolf scamander is swarthy
  • harry has visible strands of silver hair
  • still wears his round glasses
  • ginny leaves harry with the children while she works abroad
  • james and albus are krum stans
  • no mention of rose and hugo being there
  • ron’s hair is thinning
  • hermione still has…

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